WASC Update 1st November


Hi Everyone,

A few updates this week to make you aware of:

Club Fees – the club fees increase takes effect today 1st November, can everyone please make sure you adjust your standing orders to show this, all payments should happen on the 5th of the month unless you have reasons for doing it on a different date and these have been notified to the club.

Saturday morning swim – this is cancelled for this week

Sunday land training – this is cancelled due to me being away at the Winter Regionals all weekend, sorry.

Club trophies – can we all return the trophies from last year that were distributed at the presentation night and ensure you have them engraved with swimmer and 2018 as these were last year’s achievements remember, this years will be presented at the next presentation.

Winter Meet forms – returned tonight at the latest please

Hope you didn’t eat too many sweets last night, and keep swimming hard 😊


WASC Secretary

Check out our club WEBSITE www.workingtonasc.com for lots of up to date information.

Also, if you are thinking of buying new swim gear, check out the link’s on our website front page to SportySwim and PROSWIMWEAR… purchasing through these link’s earns commission for the club at no extra cost to yourself! Cheers! (use promo code WORK on SportySwim)

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