WASC Update 13th November


Hi Everyone,

Hope your all enjoying the dark mornings and evenings with the frost also kicking in, never mind it will soon be spring 😊

A few updates for you today:

Club Champs entry forms – we need this back tonight for all swimmers, all the top squads have returned now, the rest are F squad and down including CoLTS, so we are keeping track of who is entering and will be asking some people why if they haven’t entered. WE ARE A COMPETITIVE SWIM CLUB and this is what you join and sign up to.

Stockport gala – we have a few of the senior swimmers at Stockport this weekend with me, really looking forward to them getting this experience and normally with a high class of competitors to watch and learn from.

Saturday morning session – as both myself, Dave and Craig are away we have decided to cancel Saturdays session this week.

Sunday Land training – this is also cancelled due to me still being in Stockport and Charlotte (& Abbie) swimming the last event of the day, sorry I cant be in two places at once 😊

Club Champs – this is next weekend at Workington, so once I have everyones entry forms in and processed we will be able to see timings of the two half days, so more info to follow in the coming week.

Kit Bags – can I remind all parents that once the swimmers get into F Squad and above they need to start and get some kit together, we do have a list and stock some, so please make sure they are kitted out.

Enjoy the weekend whatever you’re doing, keep up the good work and swim hard.


WASC Secretary

Check out our club WEBSITE www.workingtonasc.com for lots of up to date information.

Also, if you are thinking of buying new swim gear, check out the link’s on our website front page to SportySwim and PROSWIMWEAR… purchasing through these link’s earns commission for the club at no extra cost to yourself! Cheers! (use promo code WORK on SportySwim)

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