WASC Christmas schedule 2019


Just so you can all get sorted and organised so not to miss ANY sessions, below is our Christmas schedule.

Day date Event
Monday 16-Dec Normal session
Tuesday 17-Dec Normal session
Wed 18-Dec Normal session
Thursday 19-Dec Normal session
Friday 20-Dec Normal session
Saturday 21-Dec Normal session
Sunday 22-Dec Closed
Monday 23-Dec 10am to 12noon
Tuesday 24-Dec Closed
Wed 25-Dec Closed
Thursday 26-Dec Closed
Friday 27-Dec 10am to 12noon
Saturday 28-Dec No session
Sunday 29-Dec 2pm to 4pm (no land training)
Monday 30-Dec 10am to 12noon
Tuesday 31-Dec Closed
Wed 01-Jan Closed
Thursday 02-Jan No session
Friday 03-Jan Normal session

The 4 sessions over Christmas / New Year will be open to A squads down to E squad, lanes will be available for F and Junior Dev but with parents supervision (so be prepared to come down onto poolside, do not drop your swimmers expecting coaches to be there). This is due to focus needing to be given to those swimmers who have County Championships on the 25th January, so must train over the festive period, with some chasing Regional times for early in 2020.

I will explain more of this Counties, Regionals, etc when we all get together for the parents meeting on the evening of 17th January in the upstairs Studio of the Leisure Centre.


WASC Secretary

Check out our club WEBSITE www.workingtonasc.com for lots of up to date information.

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